Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Domino's Customer Appreciation week

So from October 19th, 2009 to October 25th, 2009 you can get a large one-topping pizza with X-tra cheese for only $5.99!!! But they are saying that you can only order 256 pizzas! Well that is the joke to lead into their next customer appreciation promotion. So when you go to pick up your $5.99 pizza's if you have a flyer on your car that has the magic number 256 then you just WON free Domino’s pizza for a year!!! Now that would be sweet! No more complaining wife for a year about how you don't help with dinner, LOL, cause you would be providing dinner for your wife and kid(s) for the year!

So go online and select the coupon from their coupons they have for you and order it that way, or you can call in and say that you want the $5.99 pizza.

So if you order online you can also go to the coupon page and type in ONLINE in the coupon code box (its at the top right if i remember right). This will give you a FREE order of Cinna Stix! So it says that it is delivery only but it is worth a try. I did it and paid online and I was given them for FREE! You may not have the same luck, but it would be up to the location if they are going to stiff you or if they will give it to you for FREE! Its always worth a try, Good Luck and ENJOY!

Also go check out "Deal"ectible Mommies and enter for a chance to win a $30 Domino's Pizza Gift Card!