Friday, October 16, 2009

Get $2 off Nowali Moccasins

I bought some Nowali Skull Moccasins this month and I love them! We decided to get them because it is getting colder now and my son always wants to run out to get the mail with me, but he is either barefoot or has socks. So being barefoot it is a little too cold, and the socks get wet if it has rained or snowed. So with the moccasins he will be able to go around the house like he is in socks, but they have the leather sole so when we want to go outside for the mail or anything else we don't have to run around the house to get shoes.

These are great moccasins and they shipped fast, and the kind we got are great for boys so that daddy isn't embarrassed that his son is running around in girlie slippers.

They sent me the code FRIEND to get $2 off any purchases. I don't know how long the code lasts for. Also right now they are doing a special that if you spend $40 or more then its free shipping.

Don't forget to check out the clearance section. That is where I found the skull moccasins, so you may find your favorite there too.

Deal Daddy