Tuesday, November 24, 2009

SodaStream Giveaway

I found this giveaway and thought thats pretty sweet that I could make my own soda! I have the problem that I want to get the 2 liter soda's because they are cheaper but they go flat so fast! But with this soda maker and their flavorings they say that you can make 1 liter of soda for just $.22! And at that price you can make what soda you like and the soda that your kids like and not have to fight or sacrifice.

I recently found out that you can control how much syrup is being added. This is really good for making soda for kids who don’t need the full concentrate.  I like to drink soda and my son always wants to eat and drink what I am, so I have started drinking more sprite and root beer (NOT Barq's, because Barq's has caffeine) so that when he wants some I feel fine letting him have a little and he doesn't get the caffeine that he doesn't need.  I also try to limit how much he gets of my soda because I don't want it to mess up his naps/bed time or anything else that too much sugar to can do to a kid.  So you can make your soda and a low syrup one of the same thing for the kids!

Go check out SodaStream they have tons of Soda Makers and Soda Mixes to choose from!

Then go to A Happy Hippy Mom and enter in the contest to win the Fountain Jet Starter Kit (a $99 dollar value) by December 2, 2009 at 11:59 pm EST!!!