Friday, November 6, 2009

Zigo Leader X2 Carrier Bicycle Giveaway!

When I found this I knew that I wanted one!  You can buy one of these for $1,399 from Zigo or try and win it from Jolly MomBaby Luxe, and Go Graham Go!

So personally I would enter and many times as you can in each of those blogs, but if you don't win it oh well in the end cause it would be totally worth it to buy!  You may want to check your local stores and online for sales on it to get yourself a deal, but remember with the bike this can be a mode of transportation that can save you tons of gas!  And imagine with the exercise you will get you can lose weight, so no more paying for high cost gyms that you don't want to go to and I know as I have been slimming down that I don't eat as much.  So in the end you can save on gas, weight loss programs, and food, all at the cost of having tons of fun going on rides with your kids!

And remember go to all 3 websites and enter at each, that also helps you to be able to enter even more entries into the giveaway.