Friday, April 23, 2010

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My Question:

When did you start potty training your children, and how long did it take? If you don't have kids, then when were you potty trained?

We started when our son was about 18 months.  He was showing the signs, he was waking up from nap and sometimes in the morning with a dry diaper.  So we started the process.  We did a chart with 30 spots to mark (nothing to do with the days of the month) to mark off when he went potty.  We got to the point that he went pee about 10 times and then we ended up getting off the routine and stopping completely.
We just started up again this last week, he is 23 months!  He has been doing great the last couple days he has only had like 1 pee accident and only 1-2 poop accident.  He hasn't gone poop on the potty yet (which from what I have heard is normal especially for boys).  He has his chart filled up to the 24th mark, so only 6 more to go until we let him pick a BIG prize!
We have been encouraging him by dancing after each time he goes on the potty and he also gets a Pez from his Lightning McQueen Pez dispenser.  Then he says bye bye to his pee and he flushes the toilet and then he marks the chart with a sticker himself.
Umm, bonus question LOL:  Does anyone else have any suggestions that have helped them to make the process go faster?

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19 comments: said...

It's Aloha Friday, No Work Till' Monday!!!
Hey!! I live in Maui. Fun seeing someone else from Hawaii. What island are you on?

Come on by our blog:

Thanks for the potty training tips!! My daughter actually just turned 3!!!!!!!!! And we had to start taking it seriously. She also showed signs at 18 months, but we were moving from Oahu to Maui and it just seemed like one more thing. SHe's actually really really good at using the potty, except if she's playing with friends! Or for pooping. Hates using the potty to poop. Anyways... shes made leaps and bonds just the past week... I think we are on our way.... FINALLY!!!

Becca @ Inspired Gifts

Design it Chic said...

yeah we don't have kids so idk ... and i have to call my mom to ask when i was potty trained:)

Betty said...

Hi Aloha FF!!
I am now following you!
Love for you to stop by!
Hope you have a great day!

P.S. I've been to Hawaii, loved the Islands and I've written a post if you'd like to read it! x

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Princess Nagger was a 'late bloomer' in the potty training department - when she finally showed that she was really truly interested in accomplishing that, we bought some little toys at the dollar store, and every day she had a completely 'dry day', she got the toy of the day. At the end of a full week, she either got 2 toys, or a bigger one. It took about a week for her to be successful - of course I was still nervous about potential accidents at night, so for a few more months I kept her in pull-ups at night (until she insisted on wearing her big girl panties at night). :)

Auntie E said...

I think we tried a few times before it took. I potty trained three kids and each one was different.
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TheAngelForever said...

My oldest was potty trained almost before his 2nd B-day. Then he started walking and regressed. Daycare did it within a week with the other kids in his room when he was about 25 months old. My youngest will be 3 next month. I have tried everything with him. He screams and howls that he does not want to use the potty. We even bought him a little Winne the Pooh potty that he picked out and nada. At this point I am listening to everyone and waiting, pushing him will only backfire. Good luck to you!e

I am Harriet said...

Glad to be long done with that one.It's a physical thing and girls are generally seem quicker to get it than boys. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

WE usually wait until they're 2 1/2 or 3 years and then do the naked method. We're done in a few days with no stress on my part.

Rach said...

if its nice and wamr let them run round naked following close by with the potty! If its the potty they don't like try the real toilet with a kid seat instead?

Becca said...

I actually have no idea when I was potty trained. I'm going to have to ask now!

Lori said...

We started talking about it around 2, but at 2 1/2 we got serious about it and it only took a few weeks.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

JDaniel isn't interested at two. I plan to wait until the end of the summer.

Deal Daddy said...

@Rach yeah, our son wasn't interested in the little potty, he wanted to be on the mommy and papa potty. So that is what we have done ever since and it has been going pretty good.

Deal Daddy said...

@Michelle Me and my wife discussed the naked method, we don't really know exactly what to do but it sounded pretty interesting. But right now we had to move back to my mom's cause she was loosing her house. So we pay for a house that we don't live in, in CO (but it is being rented, just not for the total cost of the mortgage). And we live in UT with my mom, so she doesn't loose the house, but that means we make sacrifices that we never planned on, but it also has its benifits. But we can't do the naked with grandma she doesn't like him even naked in the house for 5 min :).

Cathi said...

My three kids were all out of diapers between 24 and 26 months. They were simply ready to be out of the wet cloth diapers.

Whimsical Creations said...

My daughter was 32 mths old & my son was 34 mths. Within a week they had the peeing thing down. The pooping thing was a whole other issue. My son wanted a diaper on to poop. He did that for a few weeks and then it clicked one day. My daughter with held poop...not fun.

Anonymous said...

I have no kids so I didn't have to go through that. Have a great weekend :)

Twincerely,Olga said...

Hi! My first dgirl was probably about 26 months!second daughter was 21 months!she was so early because she watched her sister(they are only 15.5 mo apart!My son was 32 months!they are all in their 20's now so I can't remember everything but I know that when they did it was within a day or two!!
when they are ready it all just clicks!!If it doesn't try again in a month or so,depending on your babies age!I have 20 mo old twin,now and my babygl is starting to be aware but not my baby boy!!Aloha