Wednesday, May 12, 2010

FREE Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razors!

I was recently contacted by Gillette to host this giveaway of 100 FREE razors!  And I have to say that I was more than ecstatic to do it!  I love Gillette razors (I have the Mach 3 special edition), so to get and giveaway their razors gives me and 100 dads the chance to upgrade our razors. (You will find the widget at the bottom of this post to get your free razor)

The Gillette Fusion ProGlide is Gillette's newest razor that is going to hit the shelves in June!  The ProGlide has 7 new innovations including the Microcomb and blades that are thinner.  The ProGlide Manual will cost $10.99 and the ProGlide Power will be $12.99.

Gillette is also launching the ProGlide skin care line in June also which includes: Gillette Fusion ProSeries Thermal Scrub, Gillette Fusion ProSeries Sensitive Face Wash, Gillette Fusion ProSeries Intense Cooling Lotion, and Gillette Fusion ProSeries Instant Hydration UV Moisturizer + SPF15.  You can also get the ProGlide skin care line at the price range of $6.99 - $8.99.

Fusion ProGlide Challenge™:
To start out I want to say that when Gillette contacted me I just so happen to have not shaved for a few days, so I decided that I wouldn’t shave until it was time for me to test out Gillette’s new razor.  So when the time came to shave it had been 14 days.

So I got the opportunity to try their new shaving cream and face wash in addition to their new razor, all of which is hitting shelves in June (yes that is right we get to try Gillette’s new razors before you can even buy them!).

For my typical day I don’t usually use face wash when I shave, I just usually shave.  So I read the face wash packaging to make sure I did what I was suppose to and it said to use the face wash first and I also read that it said it was a warm face wash I definitely wasn’t ready for what was to come.  I thought it was going so just be slightly warm on my face as I rubbed it in, as other warming products I have had before.  So as I used the face wash it surprised me as I started to rub it in my hands to then put it on my face.  Ok so it didn’t surprise me, it scared me (not the bad way), I think I actually jumped with how instantaneously it warmed, not just the light warm, but really warm!  I put it on my face and it was really nice, it is a scrub, but very light, and it was easy to rub on and wash off.  I didn’t feel like it had residue or anything and since it did wash off so easy I wondered how it was to help with shaving, but I did soon realize that it made me feel very clean.

I wanted to test using my Mach 3 vs. the new razor.  So I put on the shaving cream, but only on half my face.  As I used the shaving cream it was very light and fluffy (fluffy after rubbing it for only a second).  It smelled really good, I think it was definitely the best smelling shaving cream that I have had.

I started with the Mach 3.  I shaved as I always have and with smooth (as always) results.   Next I applied the shaving cream to the other half of my face and shaved with the new razor.  I haven’t ever used a shaver that used vibration to help shave, so I was honestly a little scared as how it would work which has given me some butterflies on how this experience would go.  So the first swipe I didn’t have the vibration on so I could get the feel for the blade.  Then I turn it on… I could not believe how much easier it was to shave!!!  With the Mach 3 and even this shaver without the vibration I do know that I put some amount of pressure to shave, but with the vibration on I didn’t put any pressure and it shaved just like I was!  Wow that sold me, the first few swipes with it on just had me in awe.   It also took me less time to shave that side of my face.

After I was finished I went into my wife and told her that I shaved my face with the 2 different razors, and then asked her which side of my face was smoother.  After giving my face the 3rd degree she told me that the right side of my face was smoother.  Yes I did shave the right side with the new razor!  So not only was the new razor faster, but it also gave me a smoother shave.

The opinions are my own and were not affected in any way. I received a Gillette Fusion ProGlide Kit for my review.


Andrea said...

When are you planning on hosting the giveaway? Or have I already missed it?

Deal Daddy said...

Andrea this post is the giveaway. Just click on the "Get Yours" link in the widget at the bottom of the post.

You will need to register (or login if you have already registered with Gillette).

They will then send out your new razor!

Enjoy! And feel free to ask me if you have any other questions, you can email me at or post here.

Thank you!
Deal Daddy

Deal Daddy said...

MellisaStuff -

What browser do you use? I looked and I can see the widget in IE, Firefox, and Chrome on my computer.

Thank you, and sorry you aren't seeing the widget!
Deal Daddy

ciara said...

trying to register to get a razor has been difficult lol keep getting error haha i'll try again later :0)

Andrea said...

Sweet!I had to update my Adobe, but I just requested my hubby's and should arrive within 7-8 days :) Thanks for the email!

Deal Daddy said...


I just got an email back from gillette after letting them know last night that people were having issues and they said that their tech team fixed the glitch late last night!

So everything should be fine, let me know if you have any other problems and I can pass it on to them!

Deal Daddy

Kristie from Kristie's List said...

Awesome! Thanks! I came here for Aloha Friday and saw the giveaway.

Can I post a link to your giveaway post on my blog?