Friday, May 28, 2010


I recently found this new website called RepairPal.  You can get a repair estimate, find a repair shop, get car info, and you can also track your services on your car.  When you do the searches you get all the information specific to your city, like Los Angeles auto repair.

Get an Estimate: This is my favorite feature of RepairPal.  This option is great when you want to look around for estimates on repairs like on a head gasket for a Ford Explorer.  My car needs repairs and I already had estimates from the dealership and a repair shop near us and both came in about the same price.  I was excited to see that RepairPal is saying that the price for the maintenance of our car should be on average $150-$50 less than quoted by those I had talked to.  I am now going to be calling around to the places on RepairPal to see what prices they have!

Repair shop option:  It is very quick and easy, just type in your zip and the make of the car and boom, they show a bunch of shops near you.

Car Info:  Recalls, issues other people have had, and reviews on your car (or one you are looking to buy).  It's as simple as 1, 2, 3!  Just select the make, model, and year.... click the button and done!  Find recalls and common problems just like that!

Track your service:  I haven't played with it much but from what I can tell basically you sign up for an account then as your car gets service you enter it into RepairPal.  That way you have some kind of record for if you ever need it.

So next time you need a repair, call your favorite shop, then check out RepairPal and put them to the test!