Friday, June 11, 2010

Perfect Chance to Change Jobs

Written by my favorite mommy blogger, Sue Sanderson

My experience with online classes could not have been any better. I am a mom that has a part time job that I need to hold and keep in order to pay my bills. I wanted to go back to school to get a degree in nursing but I could not abandon my day job to go back to school full time. I was going to have some trouble actually getting to a campus or university because I have kids at home that I need to stay home with. When I found out about taking online courses using my hughesnet satellite to get my next degree in nursing I was absolutely thrilled! Using the hughs internet West Virginia service to study my course material and take the class room tests was easily done in the comfort of my own home. I simply worked during my part time hours and while the kids were napping, sleeping at night or doing their homework I did my class homework using hughesnet satellite on my laptop. For anyone that needs to keep their part time job and is considering a segway into a new career or changing jobs this is a great way to keep the old job for money and stability and still work your way forward into getting qualified for a new or different job.