Sunday, June 6, 2010

RedEnvelope Review and Coupon Code

Are you looking for Father's Day ideas?  Well why not check out RedEnvelope!  It started in 1999 with the intent to make gift giving easy and fun.  The name RedEnvelope comes from Asian culture that the color red is the symbol of happiness and that gifts are often presented in a simple red envelope.

As I looked around RedEnvelope it definitely had a bunch of items I found interesting that I want for Father's day!  I liked the grill rack trio, which comes with a chicken grilling rack, a rib grilling rack, and a chili pepper grilling rack all for a good price.  I also like the monogrammed brander, I think it would be tons of fun to brand your initials into the steaks, burgers, etc!

So now for what you were waiting for right..... the 10% code!  Just head over to RedEnvelope and use 10offred

So I received my wireless talking BBQ + oven thermometer.  I also have found that it works great!  It tells you the temperature for things like, beef, lamb, pork, and even hamburgers!  So we cooked hamburgers, and I have to admit I like most of my food cooked medium well to well done.  But I am a little paranoid about my food being cooked enough... so this thermometer is perfect for me!  I cooked each of the hamburgers to the internal temperature of 160° like the thermometer said and then moved them off.  I have to say compared to my normal cooking these were delicious.  Normally I end up over cooking the hamburgers and knowing that they were cooked fine these ones weren't as dry as normal.  My wife and son enjoyed the hamburgers so much more also and I even got a comment from my wife that they were delicious.

This thermometer is pretty sweet, I love that it is wireless so you just put the probe in and you take the monitor and you can head inside or go hang out with family and friends and you can check it without going back over to the barbecue/oven.  You also see how warm the food is so you know to start head getting everything ready to take it off.  Also you can set a timer right on it so to remind you to start other food or to check on the food.

I have to say after using this I would have definitely bought one a long time ago if I had known what I was missing!  It is worth the cost.  So this item definitely goes into my recommendation for a gift hit for Father's Day!

Also, I did receive a thermometer before I did this post, but the main unit wouldn't connect to the sensor unit. So I called the RedEnvelope customer service and they had that day a new one sent out to me!  The Customer Service Rep was very nice and I told her what happened and she said right away that it sounds like they need to send a new one to me.  It was fast and easy to talk with them.  I would definitely order from RedEnvelope again!

The opinions are my own and were not affected in any way. I received an item from RedEnvelope to facilitate my review.