Wednesday, August 11, 2010


RepairPal is a great website that you can get a repair estimate, find a repair shop, get car info, and you can also track your services on your car.  When you do the searches you get all the information specific to your city, like Houston auto repair.

You can get information on repairs like oil change and brake job, or you can get the information on your specific vehicle like Acura TL.

The last review I did of RepairPal I used it to compare prices and find a repair shop to do my timing belt and serpentine belt for cheaper.  I had already done some pricing and after using RepairPal I called a couple of the places I found though the website.  I ended up going with a repair shop that RepairPal found for me that was closer and cheaper.  Not only did I get the repair cheaper, but I also got an extra repair done and still saved about $100 from the quote I had before!  I am planning on using RepairPal from now on to get my repairs done near me and at a good price!

Also, don't forget to use the car info option to check on recalls, issues other people have had, and reviews on your car, or one you are looking to buy.