Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kids Konserve 15% off

Kids Konserve is offering all Deal Daddys readers 15% off!  Just use the code - summer15.  This expires June 30th.  Also, they are running a special on the Snak Paks that are perfect for summer fun for $19!

Kids Konserve Lunch Sack/Snak Paks are great because they are reusable!  This is important because just for 1 packed lunch for you child there is quite a bit of waste.  Packed lunch can be healthier than school lunch sometimes, but the trash involved really adds up.  For example:  1 paper bag to hold it all, 4 sandwich bags - for sandwich, chips, vegetable, and fruit (sometimes), 1 drink container, napkin(s).  If you take all that and even add it up for 1/2 the school year you can just imagine the amount of landfill just 1 child adds by them self... then you can imagine how much that child will do in the 12 years of school (1st grade - 12th grade)... and if you really want to go crazy you can imagine the amount of landfill each year or each 12 years that the 100s to 1000s of children add that go to just your child's school.

Personally the initial thought I have with Kids Konserve Lunch Sacks cost is probably the same as 90%+ of you, it seems to be a little much... but then think again about it and the fact that these lunch sacks will last and you don't have to keep buying paper bags and sandwich bags.  Then realize that their containers and bottles are made from stainless steel, which is healthier than plastic containers!  So yeah at first glance I myself first thought it might not be worth it, but then I started thinking about it and realized that this is for my son and second that over time this will actually save me money!  Then you can think that you get the extra 15% off and it makes it totally worth it!

So head over to Kids Konserve and check them out, see what designs you like and what your kid needs for containers and such and decide for yourself if you will save money over the life of the lunch sack.  Then add in the additional benefit that you won't be adding as much to the landfills and I am sure you will be happy with the lunch sack.


Christy said...

Great resource. I have been looking for stainless steel containers. Much better than plastic. The insulated bags are great too for the older kids or even my husbands lunch (the moss color is great).

Thanks for sharing and the coupon code.